Artist statement

Visual arts originate from the human vision. How does the human vision works? How do we see the world around us? How can we perceive distance and depth in the three dimensional world ? 

Inspired by the scientific research of vision science, I exploit the mechanism of our visual perception system in my art to create a mysterious space where the perception of depth is ambiguous and elusive. My art challenges your visual perception and try to reveal the underlying complexity.

Nebulae and gems thrive in this visual world of uncertainty and ambiguity.

視覺藝術始於人類的視覺。然而,人類視覺系統是如何運作? 我們是如何看到我們所身處的世界? 在三維世界中我們是如何感知距離?



About me

My name is Chak Chun Lam, Calvin. I am an emerging visual artist who was born in Hong Kong in the 1980s.

When I was young I have loved reading books on science and astronomy. I was attracted by the beautiful space images taken by the Hubble Space telescope. Inspired by the stories and the dedication of great scientists such as Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein, I dreamed to be a scientist. Although I am unable to fulfill my dream after grown up, my wonder and awe towards science has never diminished.

I have a bachelor degree in System Engineering from the Chinese University of Hong King (CUHK) and a Diploma in Fine Art from the School of Continuing and Professional Studies of the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

I have a studio in Hong Kong and is now working as an independent part-time artist.

For me, the act of painting is not only a creative endeavour but also a formal meditation practice to tame my emotions and thoughts. 

About my art

Where do we come from? Where are we going? What make us human?

With science and reason, scientists are trying to answer these big questions of humankind. With the development of modern science in the past five hundred years, a new point of view, the cosmic perspective, has emerged. We are tiny beings in a universe which is unimaginably large and old.

From the latest scientific data of Hubble Space Telescope, our universe is about 13.7 billion years old. We are living on a tiny planet formed 4.5 billion years ago in a void of interplanetary space. Our sun is just one of a hundred billion other stars in our galaxy. Our galaxy is just one of a hundred billion other galaxies in the universe.

Inspired by the wonder of the cosmic perspective, I choose nebulae and gems as my subjects in my paintings. I am attracted by the beautiful nebula photos taken by the Hubble Space telescope and the internal world of gems as revealed by microscopes. Both nebulae and gems were formed millions or even billions of years ago. For me, they are the timeless expression of nature’s beauty.

In a deeper sense, nebulae and gems symbolize two strong but opposing forces of human nature: kindness and selfishness. In our daily life, we are constantly struggling between being kind to others and concerning our own welfare.

Nebulae symbolize our kindness. Every time I contemplate the beautiful nebulae images taken by the Hubble Space telescope, I feel that I am small and not significant in terms of time and space. This reminds me to treat everyone with loving kindness and generosity because we are precious beings sharing a tiny planet in the vast cosmos.

Gems symbolize our desire for possession, the selfish and primitive side of human. In ancient time, water is vital to the survival of our ancestors. Water usually appears as a shiny and sparkling surface at a distance. The force of evolution motivates us to seek things that are glitters and shines. From the crowns of kings and queens to the modern lab grown diamond, the story of gems is the story of our desire for possession, wealth and exclusivity.

About my art process

Using acrylic paint as my medium, I simulate the formation process of nebulae and gems by pouring layers of paint on wooden panels. I imagine nebulae and gems forming in my paintings as the paint dry, condensing million or billion years of history in the process. I also paint with airbrushes and palette knives.


The Fairy tale

Behind all of my paintings, there was a fairy tale.

It all started with the Big Bang… many billion years ago in our universe.

Orion and Paraiba were born and lived in the home of their elder sister Urania, the goddess and muse of astronomy. Three of them were very good companions since young. At the same time, Orion was hopelessly enchanted by the beauty of Paraiba.

One day, Urania saw Orion and Paraiba dancing happily in the backyard. She was very jealous and cast an evil spell on them to separate them. A powerful repulsive force caused the space between Orion and Paraiba to expand rapidly. Orion was flying at his full speed trying to catch up with Paraiba. But his effort was in vain. After billions of years , Orion was thrown into the outer space while Paraiba was fallen onto the Earth. They were separated by many light-years of dark and empty space.

Orion traveled million of light years across the vast universe and wandered from galaxy to galaxy. He was very frustrated and had no idea what to do. Many years had passed by since then. Still he could not figured out where Paraiba was.

As time passed, the empty space between Orion and Paraiba was expanding even faster and faster. The expansion of space was approaching the speed of light. It seemed Orion and Paraiba had no hope to reach each other ever again.

One day, while travelling near a neutron star, Orion discovered a mysterious window floating nearby. He was so curious and looked into the window. What he could see was just darkness. Nevertheless, Orion decided to fly through the window to find out what happened on the other side. He was amazed and excited to see Paraiba was wandering around in the darkness ! They were very happy to rediscover each other. They sang and danced together joyfully and brightened up this new world. After millions of years, they interwoven together and were never being separated again.


My artworks are collected by private collector.

2015 Collection
<For Halley> and <For Rosetta and Philae> are collected by international entrepreneur and philanthropist Dr. Lee Kai Hung


2016   Affordable Art Fair (BLINK Gallery), Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center (12/5 – 15/5)

2016   Asia Contemporary Art Show 2016 Spring Edition (BLINK Gallery), Conrad Hotel Hong Kong (24/3 – 27/3)

2015  Annual Reception Exhibition , BLINK Gallery

2015   Asia Contemporary Art Show 2015 Autumn Edition (BLINK Gallery) , Conrad Hotel (8/10 – 11/10)

2015   Joined BLINK Gallery as an emerging artist

2014   Graduation Exhibition for Diploma of Fine Art ,  the School of Continuing and Professional Studies of the Chinese University of Hong Kong @ Exhibition Gallery of Hong Kong Cultural Centre (19/9 – 21/9)

2014   Diploma of Fine Art , the School of Continuing and Professional Studies of the Chinese University of Hong Kong

2010   Start working as an IT professional in a local bank

2004   Start working as an IT professional in a global IT solution firm

1982  Born in Hong Kong